Poetry from Emerald Dreams
All That Remains

I walk these ancient trails
of legend and mystery,
once marked, laid out, and traveled upon
by a person I'll never live to see,
yet remains an inspiration to others
as well as me.

The path diverges deep within these woods,
not so much by fate,
but now by my own design,
wherein lies an unexplored wilderness
filled with new wisdom,
a new purpose,
my legacy left behind.

CM Wylie
Copyright 2004
The Ribbon

They sat on the rocky Burren
Overlooking a windswept Galway Bay
Two young lovers sadly parting
As the war tore them astray
She gave to him a ribbon
To carry near his heart
To know that every moment
In spirit they would not part.

His orders were to hold his ground
Protect the white, orange and green
The battle was the fiercest fight
That ‘ere the war had seen.
She knew he loved his country
As much as his love for her
A strong, caring lad and patriot
A brave man of character.

Not too long after she was sent
A parcel with a ribbon and a note
The last message from her lover
In the haste of battle that he wrote:
“My love, I die for country
But will always be with you,
When you sit upon the rocky Burren
Galway Bay will see you through.”

To this very day a woman
On the Burren will be seen
Looking out from windy Galway Bay
Her expression so serene.
In her hand she has a ribbon
Matching one tied in her hair
Her love fondly remembered
And for him she says a prayer.

A Anderson
Copyright 2004
Sign says:

"Sensitive Area
Do Not Disturb the Habitat"

Wide stretches of wild grasses
Seem to scream a similar sentiment
As they struggle to preserve their existence
Against breezes blowing upon the bluff,
Careful not to fall victim to trespassers and
And end up as unwanted weeds
And the base of weather-worn cliffs.

CM Wylie
Copyright 2004
Hot Whiskey

Hear the clink of glasses at the bar
There's the call for the last round
The warmth of whiskey soothing one's soul
Not wanting to leave this moment in time
Feeling snug, and comfortable
Totally at ease, and unbelievably happy
Hot whiskey is good for all reasons
Drink up,
The lights are almost out.
The empty glasses tell the tale.

A Anderson
Copyright 2004